Winners - 4th CYCLE

Project Oaken

Project Oaken is an Autonomous Blockchain based IOT Hardware & Softwar platform built to power Smart Cities with automated M2M communication & Value Transfer. Project Oaken has put a Tesla on the Ethereum blockchain, Using IPFS and Ethereum we greatly reduced back end infrastructure, enabled transparent automation behind payments, and allowed for new economic models. Which provides smart & safe Tollbooth payment using Blockchain technology.


HealthBlocks is a trusted safe platform for health information exchange. It helps connects Patients, Clinics, Health Insurance, Government and health providers to exchange patient’s sicure health information and records. Easy & safe way to share health records among people/entities of concern.

Land Registry on Blockchain

The Land Registry Project shows Multiple Ethereum nodes built for a solution that allows UAE Property Title Deeds to be stored on a Government Land Registry. The solutions caters for asset ownership transfer from Property Seller to Buyer, approved via the Land Department and demonstrates possible integration with other Government entities like DEWA.


Hypergive is a project that allows communities to crowdfund secure digital food wallets for homeless and hungry people in their community.
Hypergive leverages Ethereum blockchain technology to tackle some of the biggest problems in homeless hunger, including donor cynicism, a cashless society, and diversion of funds.